Excel Adjusters are here to help Woolsey Fire Victims with Insurance Claims and any questions they may have

Services we provide for fire is basically representing homeowners who are unfamiliar with the process of an insurance claim and how to negotiate against insurance companies.

Typical fire claim are a long process, so there are also a lot of homeowners who cannot deal with the emotional stress of losing their home and dealing with insurance negotiations so they call us as well.

There are lot of homeowners are not familiar with insurance policies and the rebuild process in a fire claim and the benefits or rebuilding or moving permanently.

A lot of homeowners feel comfortable using a licensed public adjuster because they can legally fight for a higher settlement against the insurance company on the homeowner’s behalf.

Once a PA is hired everything will go through us, the Public Adjusting Firm. Most insurance companies are a business so they work by not paying out claims in regards to the building, structure, hotels, leases, meal reimbursements, and personal items /contents.. All of this can be very stressful for clients especially when they have no idea what do or say.

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